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Thank you for your interest in Little Green Thumbs. This year the program is being offered in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Newfoundland. If you are applying from outside of our four participating provinces, we would still appreciate your application. It will help us gauge interest in new areas as we expand the program. When completing the application please take care to be succinct. We are looking for you to thoughtfully share your enthusiasm and hopes for what the garden might help you and your student's experience.

Memorandum of Understanding
We ask each of our Little Green Thumbs teachers to help us achieve our vision, A Garden in Every School - A School in Every Garden, by committing to the program through our Memorandum of Understanding. Please take a moment to read through your commitment to Little Green Thumbs before applying.

About the Selection Process
Each year, host organizations have limited funding to accept new schools into the Little Green Thumbs program. Therefore, unfortunately, not all teachers who apply will be selected to participate. The selection committee takes into consideration the location and demonstrated need of your school as well as your personal learning philosophy, plans for incorporating the garden into learning, and connection to social & ecological principles. The committee applies a point-based rubric based on these criteria to select applicants. Teachers may apply year-to-year.

Please Note
Due to the overwhelming popularity of the LGT program in Alberta, its growth has outpaced allocated funding. At this time, our funder Ag for Life is seeking additional sponsors. We are optimistic and look forward to continued expansion in the coming years. If you are interested in being contacted when the application process is open, please email the LGT Coordinator that corresponds to your school/region, providing your name, contact info, and school name. Coordinators will be sure to inform you of the opening of applications.
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