Become a host organization
It's no secret that Little Green Thumbs (LGT) has a big, bold vision: a garden in every school and a school in every garden. Help us achieve this vision by delivering the Little Green Thumbs program in your province, state, or region, as an Authorized Little Green Thumbs Host Organization.

Role of host organizations
Host organizations coordinate all Little Green Thumb activities in their province, state or region and contribute to the continuous improvement of the program by:
  • Selecting and training new teachers, and providing year-round support;
  • Attending annual, year-end celebration events at schools;
  • Procuring and distributing materials;
  • Participating in the annual Little Green Thumbs program review (coordinators' gathering);
  • Sharing the story and impact of Little Green Thumbs

Benefits of joining Little Green Thumbs
Little Green Thumbs is an experienced education program that can help achieve your organization's mandate. Here's what you'll receive as a Little Green Thumbs Authorized Host Organization:

Our resources are well-informed, practical guides that reflect the rich experience of teachers and coordinators who are involved in the program. We provide top quality, curriculum-based teacher and student resources including the Little Green Thumbs teacher manual, student journals and posters, and seeds, to ensure that your teachers have what is needed to get started. As well, your organization will be provided with an operations manual to guide you through implementing the program.

The indoor growing kits are sourced from a Calgary-based garden center, demonstrating their committment to the program by packing and delivering all the required materials of the indoor garden kits. The indoor garden kits are a resource for which the host organization will have to secure funding.

Marketing and Communication Materials
Ready-to-use marketing and communications materials include:
  • news releases
  • newsletters
  • print and promotional materials
  • sponsorship package
  • social media venue
We provide you with the opportunity to add your organizational logo to our marketing materials and customize our communication pieces with your key messages. Little Green Thumbs is a great way to gain exposure to new teachers and cross-promote other programs that your organization offers.

A learning Community
Little Green Thumbs host organizations work together to share best practices and continuously improve the program. You can share in the success of a program that is present in more than 250 schools across Canada.

Automated Database
Our national database system automates material orders and teacher feedback in your region. You have full administrative access to your region's information without the cost of setting up or trouble of administrating your own system.

As with many facets of Little Green Thumbs, partnership is a key element to the program. Host organizations are required to secure funding for costs associated with the garden kits, teacher training, and coordinator time and travel. We also assist you with communication materials to help you in search of funding, and at times can direct you to current partnership opportunities. Currently, Agrium Inc. generously funds all resource development and national program support for Little Green Thumbs, including teacher and student resources, seeds, banner stands, national website, and database. Provincial-level support can also be instrumental in helping local host organizations launch a program with minimal time devoted to development - in the case of Alberta, Ag For Life provides funding for Alberta-based host organizations.

We provide training for your organization and your designated Little Green Thumbs coordinator. You can forget the stress of building a new program from the ground up. Little Green Thumbs is a turnkey program that can add instant excitement to your line-up of education resources!

Join Little Green Thumbs today!
If you're interested in joining our growing network of Little Green Thumbs Authorized Host Organizations, I'd love to hear from you!
Brit MacDonald
Little Green Thumbs National Program Director
Agriculture in the Classroom, Sask Inc.
Phone: (306) 850-1342