Becoming a Little Green Thumb
The Little Green Thumbs program is an investment for us and for our teachers. We invest in you by providing top quality equipment, training, resources, and support to ensure you and your students have an amazing Little Green Thumbs experience. In return, we ask our Little Green Thumbs teachers to help us achieve our vision, A Garden in Every School - A School in Every Garden, by committing to the program in the following ways:
  • Participating in Little Green Thumbs teacher training
  • Encouraging your students to share their new knowledge
  • Passing on extra seeds, produce, and gardening equipment
  • Organizing an annual celebration event
  • Participating in annual Little Green Thumbs evaluation to help improve the program
  • Communicating with your Little Green Thumbs Coordinator about the program at your garden site
  • Taking the garden materials with you (in the event that you move schools) or passing on the gift of the garden to another person if you will no longer be involved in the program (Little Green Thumbs can help you find a new home for your garden)
It's a good idea to speak to your school's administration and maintenance staff before applying to become a Little Green Thumb. Their support is very important to your success with the program and they will appreciate knowing upfront that the light in the garden kit adds an additional $150 to the school's annual electricity bill. If they require any further information about the program, feel free to give us a call. We're here to help!