Little Green Thumbs in your Classroom
Little Green Thumbs has been specially designed for teachers like you. We've taken the time to build a program that will help you achieve your learning objectives while adding excitement and interactivity to your classroom. You can use the garden to advance cross curriculum learning objectives such as math, language arts, science, and health. The simple, weekly maintenance tasks build a sense responsibility and accomplishment amongst your students. You'll be amazed at how your student's abilities will grow in this garden of possibilities!

Our indoor gardens require 24 square feet (a 6' x 4' space is suggested) of classroom space. The soil boxes and indoor gardening light is permanently set-up on a table right in your classroom. Little Green Thumbs provides all of the materials you need to get started.

Our kit even comes complete with self-watering tubes and a timer for the indoor light so you can be confident every time you walk out the door - evenings, weekends, and holidays - that your garden will be safe and healthy when you return.

"Our indoor gardens fit in a 6ft x 4ft space"